Use the Neurological Impress Method
and Help the Child Gradually Take Over
the Tracking and Reading

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Start with the repetitive language of a highly predictable book. Give your child positive encouraging feedback:

  • “Let’s read that together again.”
  • “That sounds so good, let’s read it again.”
  • “Now I bet you can read this page all by yourself.”
  • “Listen to you – you are learning to read!”
  • “Let’s go read it to Dad!”

Train your kindergarten parents and “Reading Buddies” to value “magical memory reading” and transition into “touch reading” and later independent reading using the Neurological Impress Method.

Build a Parent Lending Library of Predictable Literature

Consider building a parents’ library with multiple copies of your favorite predictable books to send home with families at the beginning of the year. Some of these may be the same books you use for shared literacy. (See page 265 for a list of quality literature with high picture and text support for emergent readers.)

Ryan is proudly reading I Can Read Colors
(by Nellie Edge) with his Mom.
This method also works well using poetry “I Can Read” Notebook pages, and the clear word-for-word adult underwriting that is underneath the child’s “kid-writing.”
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