Glimpses of Student-Led Parent Conferences   (4:13)

with Lisa Young

This video clip was filmed during Spring student-led parent conferences in Lisa Young’s Title 1 Kindergarten. In these brief glimpses of the family interactions, you will see children who are learning how to make proper introductions, and building confidence demonstrating their amazing growth as learners.

Four children at a time are sharing their portfolio collections of drawings and writing samples, reading good-fit books, talking about their human body study, and telling their parents what they want to be when they grow up. The teacher serves as a resource, when needed. Conferences end with cookies, juice, and time for serendipity! Watch two happy friends perform songs for their parents. Teacher Lisa was ready to accompany them, with a click of her IPod.

A special thank you to the children and families who allowed us to share in these celebrations of learning. Smiles, pride, and hugs filled the day!

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