The Pledge of Allegiance ASL Instructional Video

With Diane Larson and Nellie Edge

The meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance is enhanced through the use of American Sign Language. In this three-minute video Diane Larson presents The Pledge of Allegiance in American Sign Language, slowly teaching each signed concept individually, and then repeating the entire pledge.

Some kindergarten classes lead the entire school in The Pledge of Allegiance in sign language.  This also makes an unforgettable performance for parents as a part of your seasonal or year-end language celebrations. 

Consider performing to Lee Greenwood's memorable musical version of The Pledge of Allegiance from his CD, American Patriot.  Wow—is that ever emotionally powerful!

We encourage teachers to connect the oral language to print. Invite children to illustrate The Pledge of Allegiance to enhance personal meaning; then read and recite for fluency.

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This video clip is from The Magic of Signing Songs, Volume II, DVD and seminar literacy manual.