Nellie Edge Little Book Black-Line Master

Each Nellie Edge Read and Sing Little Book™ comes with black-line masters for child-size Little Books that match the text and illustrations of the Big Book. The child-size Little Book format is designed to best accommodate the Big Book test.  Find the layout that matches the Little Book you have purchased and follow the instructions.

Fold-A-Book Instructions

Make Friends with Mother Goose, Volumes 1 and 2 and I Have A Cat (Yo Tengo Un Gato) are the Little Books using this format. Eight small pages are printed on one side of the master copy.  If instruction is given in small groups with guidance, even kindergarten-age children can learn to fold these books. Once children master the fold-a-book technique, they will eagerly use it to create blank books (any size) for their own writing and illustrating purposes.

  1. Fold a rectangular sheet of paper in half lengthwise. (We sometimes call this the “hot dog” fold.)
  2. Fold in half again, as for book.  Crease tightly.
  3. Fold in half again.  Crease tightly.
  4. Unfold the sheet.
  5. Fold in half width-wise. (The “hamburger” fold.)
  6. Cut along the center crease from the folded edge to the X.
  7. Open the sheet again.
  8. Return to the original lengthwise fold (as in #1).
  9. Push the end sections together, and it will fold itself into the child-size Little Book.  Four sections are formed.
Cut-And-Staple Book Instructions

All black-line masters, except those listed above, are printed with illustrations and text back to back. After photocopying back to back, the sheet or sheets are cut in half or thirds and stapled to form an 8, 12, or 16-page child-size Little Book.